Marjorie  Martinez


Marjorie Martinez

Pastor Majorie Martinez has been a Christian for over forty years and has been a Pastor of the Word since 1995. She graduated from Summit Bible College with a degree in Theology and Christian counseling. Her passion is to preach the Word of God with simplicity and ease. This has led her to author Enslaved to the Power of Sin, a memoir that shares her testimony and the different circumstances that helped her grow in the Spirit.
Martin  Martinez


Martin Martinez

Pastor Martin Martinez came to know the Lord when he was eleven years old. His calling to preach the Word of God was evident, even at an early age. God began to use his unique ability to preach the Word as a youth leader for many years, leading to his ordination as a Pastor in 1995. Pastor Martin met his wife Marjorie in 1993 at Life Bible College in Angelus Temple in Los Angeles, California and they got married the following year. Having both been raised in Christian faith, God placed it in their hearts to begin a ministry that was focused on teaching the Word with clarity. Thus, World Shakers Faith Ministries was created.


  • Can I enroll into Level 2 classes if I haven't finished Level 1?

    Students may enroll into Level 2 classes if they haven't finished all of Level 1, however, they will not be able to receive credit for completing Level 2 if Level one hasn't been completed.

  • Can I get a physical copy of the course book?

    Students can purchase a physical copy of the course books by visiting our campus book store at Faith Church Bakersfield located at 5131 Office Park Drive.

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